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With a denser format and venues capable of accommodating up to 5,000 festival-goers at once, the Guinguettes are returning this summer for even more music and outdoor activities!

Hover your mouse over the different points on the map to find out the dates and locations where the Guinguettes 2023 will take place!

Parc de l’ancienne-

Guinguette du Sud-Ouest

From june 22 to june 25 2023


Thursday 22 : 15h – 23h
Friday 23 : 11h – 23h
Saturday 24 : 10h – 23h
Sunday 25 : 11h – 23h

Berge des coursiers

Guinguette du Vieux-Montréal

From august 3 to august 6 2023

Thursday 3 : 15h – 23h
Friday 4 : 15h – 23h
Saturday 5 : 11h – 23h
Sunday 6 : 11h – 23h

Lien Nord

Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest

du 7 au 25 juillet

Parc st-joseph

Rivière-des-Prairies- Pointes-aux-Trembles

du 17 septembre au 3 octobre

Practical informations

  • Pets are allowed on the premises as long as they are kept on a leash at all times.
  • We strongly encourage using public transportation or biking to our events – the weather is great!
  • We are committed to creating environmentally-friendly events. Please do not bring any outside waste, bring a refillable water bottle, and participate in on-site recycling efforts. Drinks are served in reusable cups.
  • You are not allowed to bring alcohol onto the Guinguettes sites. Multiple bars are available on-site.
  • Portable toilets are available on-site.
  • Umbrellas will be provided to offer more shaded areas.
  • Please note that there are no ATMs on-site, so please plan accordingly!


Did you know? The Guinguettes de Montréal are organized by La Lutinerie, the same association that has been creating Christmas Markets in Montreal for 8 years. Over 95% of our members are VOLUNTEERS!

Our goal is to create moments of happiness and invite citizens to join us through public events held year-round across the island.

Being part of the association means participating in its active life. By taking part in programming committees, recruitment, decoration making, or catering, our volunteers are involved in every step to bring our events to life. Throughout the year, we gather in our workshop to prepare for our upcoming events, as well as enjoying social gatherings, bar nights, park barbecues, outdoor outings, and more. In 8 years, we have grown to nearly 100 active members, and the pandemic has not dampened our energy! Strong bonds are formed, passions emerge, and volunteering within La Lutinerie brings a strong sense of fulfillment and recognition, fostered by a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Would you like to join us?



Nous avons aussi quelques postes salariés disponibles pour la saison : commis de comptoir, barman,  assistant de production, graphiste, chargé de programmation (envoyez un CV à

La Lutinerie est un organisme à but non lucratif (OBNL) dont le siège social est établi à Montréal, QC.

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